Maria Korolov Discusses China’s Evolution From Her Book A Changing China

Maria Korolov, author of A CHANGING CHINA

Maria Korolov is founder and president of Trombly International, a Massachusetts-based company which runs emerging markets news bureaus for US business and trade publications.

Trombly International also runs the China Speakers Bureau, which provides China experts to events around the world.

Maria was based in Shanghai, China from early 2004 through late 2008.

She was born Maria Viktorovna Korolyova in Leningrad, USSR and moved to the United states with her family in 1978 when she was eight.

Maria graduated from Cornell University with a degree in mathematics in 1990.

After graduation, she went on to cover the Lake County suburbs for the Chicago Tribune.

A year later, she went to Moscow, where she was a freelance war correspondent for UPI for several months before being hired as a reporter by the Moscow Tribune.

Maria returned to the U.S. in 1994, where she moved on to covering another type of revolution: the way the Internet is changing the way the world works. As a financial services writer for Computerworld, she was in the middle of the biggest change our economy has ever experienced.