Mark Kingwell Discusses Modern Business Jargon In His Book The Wage Slave’s Glossary

Mark Kingwell, author of THE WAGE SLAVE'S GLOSSARY

Mark Kingwell found he had inadvertently perfected a form of idling for which he could get paid, after some years of graduate education in Britain and the United States.

He is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Toronto and a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine, and has written for publications ranging from Adbusters and the New York Times to the Journal of Philosophy and Auto Racing Digest.

Among his fifteen books of political and cultural theory are the national bestsellers Better Living (1998), The World We Want (2000), Concrete Reveries (2008), and Glenn Gould (2009).

In order to secure financing for their continued indulgence he has also written about his various hobbies, including fishing, baseball, cocktails, and contemporary art.