Edward Meyer Challenges Us to Believe It Or Not!

Edward Meyer, VP of Exhibits and Archives for Ripley Entertainment

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not appeals to our human curiosity, says Edward Meyer, Vice President of Exhibits and Archives for Ripley entertaiment.

In his career, he personally acquired more than 20,000 exhibits. According to Edward, he’s seen it all.

His favorite exhibits range from the sublime to ridiculous. His sublime favorite is the taxidermied head of an African bull elephant with two trunks. The most ridiculous favorite is a collection of belly button lint.

Robert Ripley, the founder, was dubbed a modern-day Marco Polo by the Duke of Windsor. He began in 1918 with a single panel comic in a newspaper and grew Ripley entertainment to include 80 attractions incorporating 11 different family-oriented brands in 12 countries, a publishing arm that still produces books and sells more than a million copies a year, and the original Ripley’s Believe It or Not! cartoon.

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