Mark Reynolds Shucks International Banking For Aquaculture And Opens The Jolly Oyster Restaurant

Mark Reynolds, co-founder of MaxMar Seafood and The Jolly Oyster restaurant

Mark Reynolds is co-founder and General Manager of Maxmar Seafood.

Mark has a passion for the sea and farming and believes in businesses built on solid relationships.

Mark worked for the first 10 years of his professional life in International Banking before seeing the looming collapse of the world’s fisheries and the pivotal role that aquaculture could play in meeting an ever increasing demand for seafood.

Although involved in all aspects of the business, he mainly focuses on the farm production and commercial and marketing aspects of the business.

Mark holds a First Class Business degree from the University of Brighton Business School in England. He also earned a Masters degree in Aquaculture and an Academic Silver Medal from the renowned Institute of Aquaculture at Scotland’s Stirling University.