Melissa Galt Helps Us C.R.E.A.T.E. Success in Business

Melissa Galt, author, entrepreneur and businessperson

Melissa Galt, is a Life Catalyst and a Lifestyle Diva. She is a professional speaker, weekly radio show host, marketing consultant and certified coach.

She sees today’s marketing landscape as one of high tech and high distrust. No matter what the technology used, marketing and salesmanship still boils down to what Melissa calls the KLT Factor. Customers have to Know you, Like you and Trust you.

Melissa has developed the C.R.E.A.T.E. method of marketing, where CREATE is an acronym. The acronym stands for Connect, Relate, Educate, Act (better still, interact), Touch and Excite. If a marketer does these six things, it improves the chances of closing the sale.

Melissa uses the Big 3 of social marketing: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. She defines them in a unique way. Twitter is like a cocktail party. You want to have brief conversations with many people on whatever subject comes up. Melissa views Twitter as giving a 360° view of the person tweeting. There are two types of tweets, however—personal tweets and social tweets. Melissa defines a personal tweet as a comment like, “my cat just turned over” or “I just ate a muffin.” Social tweets are more like giving the recipe for the muffins you just ate.

Facebook is like a backyard bar-b-que. Facebook doesn’t want the same level of engagement as Twitter, but it does give a 360° view of the person using it. Facebook loves links, photos and video.

LinkedIn is more like networking at at a Chamber of Commerce mixer. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, LinkedIn gives only a 180° view of the person. That it to say, it reveals only what the person posts on LinkedIn.

Melissa knows about success. She comes from a very successful family. Her great grandfather is Frank Lloyd Wright. Her mother is actress Anne Baxter. And her godmother is Academy award winning costume designer Edith Head.

Listen to the entire interview below: