Michael Lee Stallard Expains The Connection Culture As A New Source Of Competitive Advantage

Michael Lee Stallard, author of THE CONNECTION CULTURE

Michael Lee Stallard is President of the leadership training and coaching firm E Pluribus Partners.

He co-founded E Pluribus Partners in 2002.

Michael helps leaders engage employees to boost productivity, innovation and organizational performance.

Prior to founding E Pluribus Partners, Michael was chief marketing officer for the private wealth management businesses of Morgan Stanley and Charles Schwab. Earlier in his career, he worked in investment banking at Barclays and marketing and financial management positions at Texas Instruments.

Michael is the primary author of the bestselling book Fired Up or Burned Out: How to Reignite Your Team’s Passion, Creativity and Productivity and a regular contributor to leadership periodicals worldwide.

Michael is a guest lecturer at the Darden Graduate School of Business at the University of Virginia.

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