Alex Bellos Gives An Awe-Inspiring Journey Through the World of Numbers From His Book Here’s Looking At Euclid

Alex Bellos, author of HERE'S LOOKING AT EUCLID

Alex Bellos was born in Oxford and grew up in Edinburgh and Southampton.

After studying mathematics and philosophy at university he joined the Evening Argus in Brighton as a trainee reporter.

Alex joined the Guardian in 1994 as a reporter and in 1998 moved to Rio de Janeiro, where he spent five years as the paper’s South America correspondent.

Since 2003 he has lived in London, as a freelance writer and broadcaster.

The books Alex has written are:
Futebol, the Brazilian Way of Life (Bloomsbury, 2002)
Pelé, the Autobiography (Simon & Schuster 2006), as ghostwriter
Here’s Looking At Euclid (The Free Press, 2010)

In 2003 Alex presented a five-part series on Brazil for the BBC, called Inside Out Brazil. His short films about the Amazon have been broadcast on the BBC, More 4 and Al Jazeera International.