Shala Gudino, Candidate for Hueneme School Board, Speaks

Shala Gudino, Candidate for Hueneme School Board

Shala Gudino is a candidate for Port Hueneme School Board. He appeared on the show to answer the following questions.

1.    What made you decide to run for Port Hueneme School Board?
2.    What will you improve, if elected to office?
3.    How do you plan to balance the needs of the students, the curriculum, the parents, the teachers, the administrators? To what extent do they need to be balanced?
4.    You’ve heard about or seen the documentary Waiting for Superman. The basic premise is that more money and more charter schools will solve the education problems in this country. How true is that?
5.    You’ve been on the school board for several terms. What significant accomplishments have been made during your tenure?
6.    How would you convince people to vote for you, if you had the chance to speak to them one-on-one?
7.    Where can listeners go to find out more?

Listen to his answer these questions below: