Lisa Gansky Teaches Us About The Mesh

Lisa Gansky, author of The Mesh

Lisa Gansky is author of The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing. She believes The Mesh is shifting our relationship to our “stuff.”

Lisa Gansky is a marketect and “impact junky” with a strong interest in breaking the edges of formerly happy business models and bringing together not-so-likely characters in the form of new offerings, teams and partnerships.

Lisa’s basic premise is when stuff became cheap, and then credit became cheap, we filled our lives with stuff – not the things we really care about. With The Mesh, we’ll have less stuff but access to more possibilities. We will use shared products when we need them for a finite period of time and return them back to the collective.

We discussed several Mesh companies: a. ZipCar b. WhipCar c. SprideShare d. Fallen Fruit e. NetFlix f. Time-share condos g. Executive Suites and h. Kinko’s.

Listen to the entire, thought-provoking interview here: