Sheralee Smith Gets Listeners Prepared For An Earthquake

Sheralee Smith, Development Manager for the Ventura Chapter of the American Red Cross gave advice on how to prepare for an earthquake. It couldn’t be more timely, too. There was a magnitude 6.9 earthquake in Ecuador this morning. It reminds us that we live on a fault line and are in constant danger from earthquakes.

Sheralee’s advice was simple and not too expensive. Start with a plan. Know what you will do in the event of an earthquake. Establish a contact person—preferably out of state, but if that’s not possible, appoint a contact person outside the area. Next, look at the places you most frequently visit—school, work, activities, church—and establish an emergency plan for each of those places. Next, build an earthquake preparedness kit that includes: water, food high in protein and low in sugar, 1st aid, clothes, a flashlight and a radio. Sheralee said to be prepared with everything you’d need to go camping, minus the tent.

Listen to the entire interview filled with earthquake preparedness tips below: