Sheri Anderson Explains The Business Of Daytime Dramas and Her Latest Book A Stirring From Salem

Sheri Anderson, author of A Stirring From Salem and lead writer on Days of Our Lives Daytime Drama

Sheri Anderson is a television writer and producer who has worked for over 20 years in the worlds of serial television, international film and television development.

Sheri has worked on every level of the writing business, including scripts, dialogue, editing and long-story format. She is responsible for over 4,000 hours of television programming.

Sheri has helmed or served as co-headwriter on daytime dramas including NBC’s Days of our Lives and Santa Barbara, ABC’s General Hospital and the CBS prime-time series Falcon Crest.

She has two Daytime Emmy Awards to her name.

Sheri is widely credited for co-creating some of the most memorable and groundbreaking storylines on daytime television, as well as “super couples” Luke and Laura on General Hospital and Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, Patch and Kayla, Tony and Anna DiMera and Shane and Kimberly, all on Days of our Lives.

She was also Creative Consultant and Executive Producer for The Spot, the first original content site on the Internet.

A Southern California native, Sheri grew up in the shadow of Disneyland.

When not absorbed in writing, Sheri is a partner in the talent management firm CohenThomas, representing actors for film and television.

She resides in Los Angeles with her husband Paca Thomas, a five-time Emmy Award winning sound designer. Paco is alos  co-creator of and sidekick to music icon Bernie Taupin on American Roots Radio.