Stan Klos Gives His Economic Home Runs

Stan Klos, Historian

Stanley L. Klos is a historian, adjunct professor, author, entrepreneur, and former Italian Basketball Association player. He was the U.S. Senate Republican WV Nominee in 1994.

He believes, “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

His book is titled, Economic Home Runs.

He looks at the current economic predicament and draws lessons from history to solve today’s problems.

Here is his 13 point plan:

a.    Move investment real estate out of the Passive Income category into the Portfolio Tax Category to offset gains and losses with Wall Street Equities while limiting home mortgage tax deductions to 70% of the purchase price of all primary & secondary residences from homeowners’ ordinary income.
b.    Lease federal land; don’t sell it, with 25% of the proceeds going toward retiring the federal debt, 25% to the federal agency responsible for the real estate, 25% to the hosting state and 25% to the federal treasury.
c.    Repeal the 17th Amendment with each state bi-cameral legislative body electing a U.S. Senator every six years.
d.    Repeal U.S. Public Law 62-5 that limits the House of Representatives to 435 members restoring the House to citizens while providing emerging political parties with a mechanism for meaningful growth.
e.    Expand medical, nursing, and health care education institutions to the double the rate at which the U.S. currently graduates doctors and nurses.
f.    Waive one year of Federal Income Tax for college graduates for every 18 dual enrollment credits earned in high school at area community colleges.
g.    Provide federal grants to primary schools that instruct their students in the Spanish, French and or the Portuguese languages which are, along with English, the national tongues of the Americas.
h.    Negotiate and establish at least ten 250 year term land leases for city-states in strategically located emerging international markets similar to the Hong Kong agreement enacted by Great Britain and China.
i.    Implement the metric system at the federal, state and local levels.
j.    Create a U.S. Organization for Energy Economic Co-operation to develop green and nuclear energy technology with the goal of replacing fossil fuels.  Special attention should be given to developing new breeder reactors that run off of the current nuclear waste stockpile and the retired nuclear arsenal
k.    Provide Federal Tax incentives for superconducting power lines updating and expanding high voltage electric transmission to service to 500 million Americans.
l.    Execute long term maintenance contracts for federal road, bridge and other infrastructure systems.
m.    Reconsider, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” William Shakespeare. Result:  The law is the glue that holds this great nation together.  Without lawyers we would not have frontline defenders of liberty and freedom.

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