Steve Wolf Reveals The Secret Science Behind Movie Stunts & Special Effects

Steve Wolf, author of The Secret Science Behind Movie Stunts & Special Effects

Steve Wolf has been producing film and TV for 25 years. He is the President of Wolf Stuntworks Inc., and founder of Science in the Movies Inc., a non-profit organization that teaches physics and chemistry through stunt demonstrations.

Wolf was the stunt coordinator for MTV’s Call to Greatness—during which time he set two world records, and for NBC’s Three Wishes.

He did the special effects for James Cameron’s Expedition Bismarck, and John Singleton’s Hustle & Flow (a big winner at the Sundance Film Festival).

His feature films including The Firm, Three Men and a Baby, Do the Right Thing, The Last Boy Scout, The Client, The Jungle Book, and Cast Away.

His TV credits include work on All My Children, Law & Order, America’s Most Wanted, Rescue 911, The David Letterman Show, and Whitney Houston’s music videos.

Wolf studied communications at Tulane University, and received a B.A. in Writing and Literature (with an emphasis on screenwriting) from Columbia University in New York City.

When he’s not “doing” (his first word, according to his Mom) he is teaching. He has years of experience teaching Scuba Diving, Shooting, Driving, Mountaineering, Stunt and Special Effects, First Aid and CPR, and even the most dangerous forum of all – Pre-School.