Kevin DeMerritt is the president of Wilshire Finance Partners. He explains the newest trend in California real estate investing—trust deeds.

Guests include Michael Reagan talking politics, Tommy Hawkins talking basketball and Diane Goldstein talking pot.

David Marin is an everyday hero. He’s the adoptive father of three children. We discuss parenthood and how it changed his life from his book This Is Us.

Larry Naritelli is a Gubernatorial candidate in the 2010 election. He ran as a Republican in the Tea Party movement. We discuss why small government, small taxes and large individual freedom are the keys to California’s—and the country’s—future.

Brianna Karp has led both a harrowing and hopeful life. She’s endured homelessness and deprivation. She’s also shown strength, fortitude and conviction by rising above her past. We discuss her memoir, A Girl’s Guide to Homelessness.

Patricia Schultz makes it her goal in life to keep us busy before we die. She’s the creator of the 1,000 Places To See Before You Die series of books. It’s a big world and she’s determined not to let us miss any part of it. We discuss her revised edition of 1,000 Places To See In the United States and Canada Before You Die.