David Marin Describes His Adoptive Family And Fatherhood From His Book This Is Us

David Marin, author of THIS IS US

David Marin is half Puerto Rican, half Irish-European, and all American.

Raised in the Midwest, he went to prep schools on the East Coast, college in Colorado, and law school in California, where he has spent the past twenty years.

A media company executive by profession and an adventurer by nature, David has traveled to eleven countries and visited 36 of our 50 states.

He has skydived in Arizona, water skied on the Caribbean, and rescued olive ridley sea turtles in Costa Rica.

By far the greatest adventure of David’s life, however, is fatherhood.

He and his children live in the South San Francisco Bay.

Check out his website, www.thisisus-davidmarin.com