Kevin DeMerritt Promotes The Newest Trend in California Real Estate Investing

Kevin DeMerritt, president of Wilshire Finance Partners

Kevin DeMerrit is a prominent member of the top “hard asset” experts in America.

Kevin is heard every week on some of the nation’s top talk shows, including Rush Limbaugh and George Noory’s Coast to Coast, touting the exceptional promise of hard assets-which are investments you can actually live in or hold onto as opposed to the more common “paper concepts” of stocks, bonds or funds.

Since 1987 Kevin has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to anticipate demographic and financial trends and help investors profit from them.

He is the author of The Bulls, The Bears and The Bust, a guide to understanding economic cycles, trends, debt and diversification strategies.

When it comes to the hard asset most familiar to Americans—real estate—Kevin established Keith Holdings in 2002, a privately held real estate investment company focusing on income producing rental properties. Since its inception, the company has never lost money in any year.