Brother Gary Joseph has survived a journey we will all take, but from which few return. He died and returned to tell about his incredible experience. He offers Proof of the Afterlife—and I’m inclined to listen to what he says because he’s a Catholic Friar. We discuss his experience and how he knows there is an afterlife.

Jonathan Weiner explores the idea that we are approaching immortality. Average life expectancy increases two years per decade and, if extrapolated out, that means our species will approach immortality. We discuss the scientific, moral and societal implications of such a theory contained in his book Long For This World.

Here is the lineup of guests on BRAINSTORMIN’ with Billy the Brain for Friday, February 25, 2011. Listen at or on AM 1400 in Ventura at 9 o’clock am Pacific time.

Frederick Bart is a medical doctor and surgeon. However, he delights in transforming persons of average income with above average motivation into millionaires. He teaches us his secrets to a seven-figure income from his book From Middle Class to Millionaire

Oliver Miles is the former British Ambassador to Libya. We discuss the turmoil in that country as its citizens strive for personal freedom.

Jeretta Horn Nord is a professor at Oklahoma State University who specializes in entrepreneurship. We discuss how today’s entrepreneurs are women from her book A Cup Of Cappuccino For The Entrepreneur’s Spirit.