Tim Noonan Teaches Us How To Communicate Better

Tim Noonan, communications expert and public speaker

Tim Noonan, communications expert and public speakerTim Noonan is a Corporate entertainer, keynote speaker, memory expert, and Las Vegas magician born into the entertainment industry. Tim’s father was actor Tommy Noonan, who starred in the notable films, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and A Star is Born, with Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland, respectively.

Tim discussed his four-step process for better communication. The steps are: 1) self-assessment to learn how you currently communicate 2) pay attention to the words you use. There are powerful words and powerless words. Powerful words include: yes or now, won’t, when and challenge. Powerless words include: try, can’t, if and problem. 3) learn to listen and 4) clarify communication. Stop, process and clarify.

Tim made an offer to listeners. Go to tinyurl.com/timradio to receive several free downloads.

Hear the entire interview below: