Tim Walsh Toys Around With The Games Industry

Tim Walsh, game designer for Tribond and other games

Tim Walsh is a game designer. He has created or developed the games Blurt, TriBond, Mad Gab, Malarky and more. His designs have collectively sold over 4 million copies.

Tim has written two books: Timeless Toys that was praised by The Wall Street Journal and The Today Show, and WHAM-O Super-Book was “One of the best gift books of 2008,” according to NPR.

Tim is a frequent speaker on toys and has appeared on many national TV and radio programs as a toy expert.

Tim is the Creative Consultant on the documentary film TOYLAND. Tim met and interviewed some of the legends in toy design including Betty James (Slinky), Burt Meyer (Lite Brite, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots), Reyn Guyer (Nerf, Twister), Milt Levine (Ant Farm), Eddy Goldfarb (Kerplunk, Battling Tops), just to name a few.