Tom O’Brien Is Drawn To Gold’s Glitter As An Investment

Tom O'Brien, author of TIMING THE TRADE

Investors across the country and throughout the world have come to view Tom O’Brien and his radio program, The Tom O’Brien Show, as the most dependable source of stock market news, information, and analysis.

Tom’s listeners proudly call themselves “Tigers”, and call in daily for a chance to growl and ask questions about specific stock and option trades.

Many of today’s financial talk radio hosts strive only to impress the audience with their own knowledge; Tom O’Brien tries to help you get some of your own.

Tom’s views are often quoted on

Tom is also a successful author. His book, Timing The Trade; How Price & Volume Move Markets, is a refined version of his trading system that focuses on the core of his method.  Tom also authors two newsletters, Market Insights, which comes out every market day and highlights his daily picks of the market, and The Gold Report, which comes out every Monday and does an in depth analysis of the Gold Market and gold stocks.

Tom O’Brien is founder, owner and CEO of TFNN Corp., which produces his radio show, airs several other radio shows, and produces