Tracy Davis Recaps The Top Political Stories Of 2011

Tracy Davis, political pundit and author

Tracy Davis was born in Washington DC. That makes her passion Politics.

She wrote in The White House for President Bush Sr, for all four years. She even wrote in the Senate for the late Senator Ted Kennedy as an intern in High School.

Tracy is now a frequent guest on Fox Strategy Room as well on radio on with TJ McCormack where she discusses women’s issues, current events, and light humorous subjects. She likens LA talk Radio to Regis and Kelly on radio heard worldwide every.

Tracy is the author of My Husband Ran Off With the Nanny And, God, Do I Miss Her, a humorous look at a woman in a bad domestic situation. She donates a portion of the book sales to The Retreat—Eastern Long Island that helps abused women and their children break away.

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  1. Tracy Davis
    Tracy Davis says:

    Your Comments Bill, thank you for having me on your radio show last week to discuss the top political stories of 2011. I really enjoyed being your guest; although I must say I don’t think I sounded as succinct as I would have liked! I think Obama makes me so angry at times I may have gotten a bit carried away! Thank you for your patience; for putting this interview on line; and I look forward to visiting your website and reading your blogs and getting to know more about you. Happy New Year and thanks again! Tracy Davis

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