Trish Regan Guides Us Through The Hazy World of Marijuana on 4/20 From Her Book, Joint Ventures

Trish Regan, author of Joint Ventures

Trish Regan is a television host, Emmy nominated investigative journalist, and author.

She previously hosted CNBC’s The Call, was the creator and host of CNBC’s two most highly rated documentaries, and provides regular commentary and reporting for NBC’s Nightly News,The Today Show, MSNBC and The Chris Matthews Show.

Her latest book on America’s emerging marijuana industry is entitled Joint Ventures: Inside America’s Almost Legal Marijuana Industry,

Trish’s in-depth special on the underground marijuana industry, Marijuana Inc.: Inside America’s Pot Industry, became the most watched special in CNBC’s history—38 million people viewed her first special, making Regan’s documentary the most watched CNBC original program ever produced.

Trish joined CNBC from CBS News where she was a correspondent reporting for the CBS Evening News

Trish graduated cum laude in 2000 from Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in U.S. history. She is also an honors graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy. She is fluent in Spanish and speaks Italian.

She is a former Miss New Hampshire in the Miss America pageant.

In April 2006, the Houston Chronicle named her one of ten women in broadcast news to watch.

She and her husband, an investment banker, were married in 2001. They live in New York with their twin infant daughters.

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