Warren Evans Blends Trends To Unveil Successful Business Strategies For This Economy

Warren Evans, futurist and speaker

Warren Evan’s corporate roots are in sales and marketing management, with bottom line responsibility.

From the late ‘70s into the mid-‘90s, he was President of The Service Excellence® Group Inc., a boutique consulting firm.

Since the mid-‘90s Warren has worked as an independent, focusing on the trends analysis and strategic planning components that were always part of his work.

Often running against conventional wisdom, Warren’s ‘trends blending’ approach has allowed him to compile a long track record of being ahead of the curve in seeing how the convergence of trends will actually impact organizations, markets, and the future of work.

Warren was the third of only 15 people to date inducted into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame, and is the recipient of numerous other awards and designations within his industry.

Warren is based outside of Toronto, Canada