Loral Langemeier Provides The Equation To Do Less And Make More From Her Book Yes! Energy

Loral Langemeier, CEO of Live Out Loud

Loral Langemeier is one of today’s most visible and innovative money experts.

Loral is one of only a handful of women in the world today who can claim the title of “expert” when it comes to financial matters and the making of millionaires.

A New York Times, USA Today and Amazon bestselling author and a leading entrepreneurial speaker, Loral has coached thousands of success stories around the world by giving them the simple tools to generate cash and build wealth.

Loral is a single working mother, dynamic speaker/motivator and owner of a business (Live Out Loud, Inc.

She started her first business at 17, and by age 34, had established a multimillion-dollar portfolio. As one of the most notable national and international entrepreneurs,

She is author of 4 national best-selling books. Her highly anticipated, fifth book Yes! Energy: The Equation to Do Less, Make More is available February 2012.