Cartoonist Sandra Boynton Amuses Listeners With Her Amazon Cows

Sandra Boynton, author of Amazing Cows

Sandra Boynton has been 6 years old since 1959. She has designed over 4,000 greeting cards and sold more than 250 million of them.

She’s written 7 bestselling books and has over 20 million copies in print. Four of the books have become New York Times bestsellers.

She has written and produced 4 record albums that—she claims—are for children, but I suspect they were written for the parents and grandparents and the children were an afterthought. 3 albums are certified gold. One was nominated for a Grammy. Sandra’s also written & directed 4 music videos.

Sandra was raised—but never grew up—in Philadelphia. She graduated from Yale University.

She secretly wishes she could tap dance.