David Morey Explains The Underdog AdvantageOf Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Skype

David Morey, author of THE UNDERDOG ADVANTAGE

David E. Morey is one of the leading strategic communications consultants in America. Over the years, David has worked with a number of foreign candidates, parties and governments including: Colombian President Virgilio Barco; Philippine President Corazon Aquino; Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Mexican president Vincente Fox and The Dalai Lama.

He is founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of DMG, Inc., and partner in Core Strategy Group,

Prior to that, he was Director of International Affairs and Special Advisor to the Chairman at J.E. Seagram & Sons, Inc.

David is currently Adjunct Professor of International Affairs at Columbia University, specializing in media and politics.

Recently, David served as a Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Task Force on Public Diplomacy.

He is co-author of the award-winning book, The Underdog Advantage: Using the Power of Insurgent Strategy to Put Your Business On Top.
In the course of corporate work, David has advised senior officers in a number of Fortune 100 entities—including Microsoft.

David also was Foreign Policy Advisor to U.S. Senator John Glenn and a journalist in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

He studied at the Wharton School and Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, and was a Paul P. Harris scholar at the London School of Economics.