Doris Lee McCoy Interviews Famous—And Not So Famous—People To Learn America’s New Future

Doris Lee McCoy, author of AMERICA'S NEW FUTURE

Dr. Doris Lee McCoy has authored 7 published books. Her latest book is titled AMERICA’S NEW FUTURE: 100 NEW ANSWERS, and it features interviews with Justice O’Connor (ret.), Steve Forbes, Colin Powell, David Rockefeller and other decision makers.

Doris has interviewed over 3,000 successful entrepreneurs, politicians, business people, and celebrities.

American Airlines aired her interviews for Nightingale/Conant Corp.’s THIS I BELIEVE six cassette series, discussing the professional lives of: Malcolm Forbes, Philip Caldwell (Chairman, Ford Motor Co.), Norman Cousins and Mary Cunningham.

She moderated a panel for “The Committee of 200” (Top Female Entrepreneurs in the USA).

Doris has appeared on numerous television shows. She has also produced several shows.

Doris is listed in WORLD’S WHO’S WHO OF WOMEN: Named “Woman of the Year” by CHARTER 100 and the LOS ANGELES FILM WELFARE LEAGUE, “Woman of Achievement” by the NATIONAL LEAGUE OF AMERICAN PEN WOMEN.

Doris has co-led three Expeditions in Ecuador searching for possible cures for cancer.

She has been on two expeditions in the Peruvian rain forests, did research in 17 rainforests (USA/Alaska, Asia, China, Borneo, South and Central America), and is an adventurer to remote areas of the world.

Earned a MA at Stanford University, and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at Claremont Graduate University with an educational honor, Phi Kappa Delta.