Ed Jaffee Talks About Lobbying and Lobbyists And His Battle With Texaco

Ed Jaffee, author of Dodging the Bullet

Edward L. Jaffee was a Washington Representative and lobbyist for PPG Industries from 1973-1993, focusing mainly on environmental and energy issues.

His work brought him into contact with a wide circle of senators and representatives and their staff members.

In 1983-84, Ed faced off against one of the largest corporations in the world—Texaco.

He used his organizational skills to form and lead a coalition of four companies, later joined by six others, to do extended battle with a giant of the oil industry, with the future of several corporate facilities, including PPG Industries’ largest one, at stake.

Ed was an industrial editor for IBM and head of environmental quality information for a major trade association before joining PPG Industries.

A journalism graduate of The George Washington University, Ed has worked for The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and United Press.

Parents of three and grandparents of five, Ed and his wife Sharon live in Springfield, VA.