Findings From the Beloit College Mindset List Show The Generation Gap

Ron Nief, co-author of the annual Beloit College Mindset List

Ron Nief gave the findings from the Beloit College Mindset List for the graduating Class of 2014. Ron is the co-author of the annual list that began in 1998.

Some of the remarkable findings from this year’s list are: 1) This is the post-email generation. E-mail, and technology in general, is too slow. Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare have replaced e-mail as primary communications tools. 2) This class is truly global. Horace Greeley’s saying, “Go West, Young Man” takes on a new meaning for this group. Go West now means to west to Asia, and learn Chinese along the journey. 3) This class doesn’t know how to write in cursive script. 4) This class has no use for wristwatches.

Among the reality checks Ron gave us was that this class has a different approach to problem solving.

When asked if this class of students is less smart, Ron called the question a matter of Baby Boomer arrogance. Despite not knowing many of the things Baby Boomers take for granted, Ron poignently reminded us that it is this generation the Baby Boomers turn to when they cannot work the latest technology.

Listen to this informative discussion of what drives today’s youth: