Joel Comm Rings Up A Great Interview

Joel Comm, author of KaChing

Joel Comm gave sound advice on how to run a successful online business based on his own personal experience which he has captured in his latest book, KaChing: How To Run An Online Business That Pays and Pays.

First, start with a realistic expectation of how much money your website can make for you. If your site generates an additional $500-$1,000 per month in revenue, that is a reasonable expectation

Joel’s advice: 1) have a nice site, one that’s professional looking. 2) follow your passion in regards to content. 3) follow the 1 thing, whatever that one thing is for you. 4) provide valuable, authentic content. That content can be: a) how-to articles b) opinion articles c) news articles d) review articles e) list posts f) interview posts or g) multimedia posts.

The easiest way to monetize any website is to use Google AdSense. Google bills $20 billion per year in advertising revenue. Website owners keep 69% of each click through. Google will place the ads for the website owner. And each website owner can block ads from any company or entity that they see fit.

I don’t recommend many books on, but KaChing is one that I do endorse.

Listen to the entire interview below to learn more about AdSense and other ways to make money online.