London Jenks Previews The Future of Technology In The Classroom

London Jenks, Knowles Science Teaching Fellow

London Jenks has always had a love of learning.

He’s a graduate of Brigham Young University – Idaho.

London Jenks has recently returned from the Google Teaching Academy in Australia.

London is one of only 50 teachers around the world who was invited to attend.  He was awarded the slot for his innovative use of the technology in the classroom.

This is not the first time that London has been honored for his teaching. Two years ago he was named a Knowles Science Teaching Fellow.  The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation is a leader in recognizing, recruiting and rewarding the next generation of high school math and science teachers.  KSTFs Fellowships give teachers the tools they need to inspire kids to think critically and creatively about math and science.

In addition to teaching, London enjoys designing and building furniture and physics toys and is interested in amateur cinematography.

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  1. Matt Nagy
    Matt Nagy says:

    Excellent interview Bill… London is definitely a rising star in education. The ability to keep high school students engaged is not an easy task!

    I was wondering what your policy is on someone else embedding your interviews? If you check out our website, you will see that we are involved in educational technology and we were recently discussing making London our “Spotlight” with either a written interview or a video interview. Your radio interview would be a perfect supplement to the spotlight.

    I’m guessing that you wouldn’t mind the extra exposure?

    In any case, please let me know what your policy is…

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