Robert Fishbone Gives Advice On Turning “Off The Wall” Ideas Into Reality From His Book Selling The Scream

Robert Fishbone, author of SELLING THE SCREAM

Robert Fishbone has a goal—to Make People Come Alive.

Even the most creative types, let alone people who have been doing routine jobs for years, need to have their creativity and awareness lit up.

Robert is an authority on Creativity and Creative Approaches to Entrepreneurship. He gets people to empower themselves to see things differently, to find opportunities hiding in plain sight.

As an artist-entrepreneur for 35 years, he has an outsiders approach to business and sees possibilities where others see dead ends.

Robert’s mission is to change people’s thinking so they will look at challenges more inventively. The solution to a problem is often just a mental shift away.

He graduated from Antioch College in 1973 with a degree in Communications.

Robert then went on to invent the inflatable Scream and over 150 other art and music related gift items sold in museums and music stores in 20 countries; the Scream is still going strong with over 500,000 units sold.

His book, Selling the Scream, chronicles his saga as an artist in business, learning the ropes one mistake at a time, and is both a collection of motivational stories and a blueprint for starting, running and growing a business based on Your Crazy Ideas.