Steve Budin Handicaps The NFL Season

Steve Budin, CEO of

Steve Budin is one of the country’s leading sports handicappers. He sells sports tips at his site for as much as $20 per tip.

Steve went to high school in Miami, where he began building an affluent client list, plying an illegal sports gambling trade by tapping his New York financial connections and using charm and street smarts.

Steve had an idea for off-shore betting—creating a company SBD Global. The enterprise took off, making Steve a multimillionaire. By 1998, several years into his offshore gambling business, SBD Global was clearing a profit of $10 million a year.

When Steve tried to take his business onto the Internet in 1998, the Feds stepped in; closed down the operations and charged Steve with a 1961 law prohibiting him from using interstate telephone lines for gambling.

Steve now sells his advice through a website ( to people wanting to bet.

Steve handicaps the 2011-2012 National Football League season.