Suzanne Gose Believes Everyone Should Be Bilingual

Suzanne Gose, CEO of Flip Flop Learning

“Señora” Suzanne Gose received her Bachelor of Science in Education from Baylor University in 1999, with emphases in Spanish, Speech (Public Speaking), ESL, and a minor in religion.   She is the CEO of Flip Flop Learning.

Suzanne believes it is imperative to learn a language. Language learning engages the frontal lobe and triggers wit, logic, math and science skills and memory. Without learning another language, Suzanne says we have a “mushy” brain.

Interestingly, one of the key motivators for children to learn another language is to talk among themselves without adults knowing what they say.

Children will be motivated to learn another language whenever the people they look up to are interested in another language.

Hear Suzanne’s story and why she started Flip Flop Learning.

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  1. Chris Barnes`
    Chris Barnes` says:

    I agree…. I consider C, perl, python, and html all to be additional languages that I speak.

    • Bill Frank
      Bill Frank says:


      While I agree the computer languages are a form of communication, Suzanne is talking about spoken languages. Isn’t it interesting that while listing C, perl and the other languages, you omitted mathematics as a language. Mathematics is the only true common language on the planet—possibly in the universe.

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