Guests for May 12, 2011


My guests on BRAINSTORMIN’ with Billy the Brain for Thursday, May 12, 2011 will be:

Nicholas Sullivan provides evidence that subsidized mobile phones result in economic gains for poor and near-poor Americans from his study, Subsidized Cell Phones Provide Significant Economic Gains for Poor and Near-Poor Americans.

Mel Robbins, a recovering attorney who now advises millions of people daily on her syndicated talk show, helps us change our mindset to discover a more powerful person inside from her book Stop Saying You’re Fine.

Robert Dilenschneider, one of this country’s leading Public Relations men, talks about how PR has changed in the Internet Age from his book Public Relations: Leveraging PR in the Digital World.

David DeSteno, director of the Social Emotions lab at Northeastern University, examines the truth about the liar, the cheat, the sinner and the saint lurking in each of us from his book Out of Character.

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