Lisa Hershman Explains The Business Cycle of Faster, Cheaper, Better

Lisa Hershman, CEO of Hammer & Co and author of FASTER, BETTER, CHEAPER

Lisa Hershman is a seasoned business professional and author, who brings real-world experience and an innovative style to her position at Hammer and Company.

Prior to joining Hammer and Company, Lisa served as Corporate Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence at Avnet, Inc., the world’s largest B2B distributor of electronic components and computer equipment.

Lisa’s practical experience at Avnet; her engineering background, and her engaging presentation style led to her selection as Dr. Michael Hammer’s successor at Hammer and Company.

Lisa is the co-author of Faster, Cheaper, Better; The 9 Levers for Transforming How Work Gets Done.

She is a regular contributor to BusinessWeek and her columns have appeared in and

Lisa has appeared as a business expert on Fox Business News, the Jim Bohannon Show, the Ron Insana Show, and other nationally syndicated business radio programs.

Lisa earned her degree from Clarkson University, studying engineering and industrial distribution.