Rick Emerson Slays Economic Theories From His Book Zombie Economics

Rick Emerson, author of ZOMBIE ECONOMICS

Rick Emerson is a radio and television broadcaster based in Portland, Oregon. He is the host of The Rick Emerson Show, which has enraptured/annoyed listeners since 1998, and of KRCW-TV’s Outlook Portland.

He is the author and star of the one-man show Bigger than Jesus: The Diary of a Rock and Roll Fan, as well as the feature-film of the same name, and has displayed his limited acting ability on such television programs as Leverage.

Rick and his wife, Lara, moved to Portland in 1998, and consider it their adopted hometown. They live on the city’s glorious east side, and are embarrassingly precious about their two dogs, Max and Philo.

Rick prides himself on being a grammarian—particularly adept in the use of the Oxford comma.