Andrea & David Reiser Give A Wake-Up Call For Success & Wealth

Andrea Reiser, author of Letters From Home

David Reiser, author of Letters From Home

Andrea and David Reiser’s theme in Letters From Home: A Wake-Up Call For Success & Wealth is America has lost its way. The current recession is proof of that fact. The path back to greatness is to return to the 15 virtues the Reisers want their sons to embrace.

Among the virtues we discussed were education, hard work, accountability, resilience, patience, self-discipline and living without regret.

Each virtue is accompanied by a story of a person in the Reisers’ sphere of influence who exhibits that virtue. The Reisers wanted their sons to know that true heroism happens with everyday people, not the celebrities that the media showcases. Disturbingly, David cited a statistic that 50% of youngsters want to be a reality TV star, not a teacher, business leader or politician.

The Reisers write “too often people living in the United States believe freedom is an entitlement, not something to be earned, cherished and preserved.”

Listen to the entire interview below: