Dr. Roger Leir & Drew Maras Give Their Evidence For UFOs’ Existence

Dr. Roger Leir, UFOlogist

Drew Maras, author of Open Your Eyes to 2012 and Beyond

Dr. Roger Leir and Drew Maras discussed the existence of life from other planets visiting earth.

Dr. Leir believes that it’s mathematically improbable that among the billions and billions of stars and planets in the Universe that we are the only intelligent life. A medical doctor by profession, he has performed operations on alien abductees and removed items from them that have no earthly explanation. Dr. Leir is also a leading authority on the UFO crash at Varginha in Brazil. Dr. Leir has authored several books. His latest is titled, UFO Crash in Brazil: A Genuine UFO Crash with Surviving ETs.

Drew Maras believes UFOs exist because they are the most important item on the Black Ops budgets of the United States.  Drew beielves aliens are drawn to the Earth for its magnetic power emanating from its core. He believes that if aliens were aggressive, they would have conquered Earth long before humans developed atomic power. He cites the temple structure at Puma Punku in Bolivia an example of alien intervention in human architecture and civilizations. Early humans could not have built such precise structures given the rudimentary tools they possessed. Drew’s book is titled, Open Your Eyes: To 2012 and Beyond.

Listen to the entire interview below: