Kathleen O’Bannon Provides Cures To Anger Through Diet and Activity

Kathleen O’Bannon, author of The Anger Cure

Kathleen O’Bannon, author of  The Anger Cure: A Step-by-step Program to Reduce Anger, Rage, Negativity, Violence, and Depression in Your Life, is a nutritionist, speaker, and author.

Don’t be a victim of what Katherine calls SAD (the Standard American Diet). The Anger Cure shows which foods and habits are contributing to anger, rage, or depression, and how to reverse it.

I didn’t know, for instance, that certain blood types lead to different nutritional needs. Blood Type A is predisposed to being vegetarian and eating soy for protein. Blood Type O is predisposed to craving animal protein.

Here are a few of Katherine’s tips for reducing anger and stress in your life: 1) eat breakfast in the first half hour after waking 2) eat small amounts every 3-4 hours so your blood sugar doesn’t drop 3) eat foods low in preservatives and chemicals 4) eat dark green, leafy vegetables and bitter herbs 5) eat beets 6) avoid caffeine and nicotine 7) shop around the edges of the supermarket—the fresh foods are generally kept around the outside edges of the supermarket and the processed foods are kept in the middle.

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