Rob Salkowitz Explains Why China Is Not Part of the Young World Rising

Rob Salkowitz

Rob Salkowitz

Rob Salkowitz, author of Young World Rising

Rob Salkowitz made an interesting point today during his interview on BRAINSTORMIN’ with Billy the Brain. He contends that the Chinese are not part of the Young World Rising for four reasons:

1) China is not young. China’s working age population will peak in 2016 and then diminish for the rest of the century. China may have as many as 300 million senior citizens, aged 65 and over. For this reason, the Chinese economy is growing in a hurry to get rich before they get old.

2) China is not open to social technology

3) China has a different form of entrepreneurialism. The government is entrepreneurial. The Chinese people are enterprising.

4) China is not “emerging.” It has emerged. By 2020, it will be the world’s second largest economy—behind only the United States, surpassing Japan.