Terry Barber Explains What It Takes To Be Inspiring

Terry Barber, author of The Inspiration Factor

Terry Barber is the ”chief inspirator” for Grizzard Communications Group. He has written the book, The Inspiration Factor: How You Can Revitalize Your Company Culture in 12 Weeks.

We discussed the difference between Inspiration and Motivation. Terry believes they are not the same.

At some point in every person’s life, there is a defining moment when that person has to look beyond himself or herself. That’s when inspiration happens.

Terry’s drivers of inspiration are: 1) Learn to be authentic. It’s the gateway to inspiration. To be authentic, the leader needs to be vulnerable. 2) Learn how to see the potential in others. 3) Align the dreams of other people with business goals. 4) Affirmation. 5) Learn to be a good storyteller.

Terry believes there are four types of inspiring people: Commander, Coach, Advocate and Accountability Partner.

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