Scott Farris Explains The Lessons Of The Presidential Runners-up From His Book Almost President

Scott Farris, author of ALMOST PRESIDENT

Scott Farris is a former bureau chief for United Press International and a political columnist, who has interviewed many of the men and women who have sought the presidency over the past thirty years.

He has managed several political campaigns, and was the Democratic Party’s 1998 congressional nominee for Wyoming’s at-large district, the seat once held by former vice president Dick Cheney.  His loss in that race led to his ruminations on the role losers play in a democracy.

Scott has also worked as a senior policy and communications adviser to former U.S. senator Malcolm Wallop, former Wyoming governor Mike Sullivan, former California governor Gray Davis, and former Portland, Oregon, mayor Vera Katz, as well as for two university presidents and the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne.

He was the first American journalist selected to participate in the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service’s International Leadership Seminar.

Scott’s first book is titled Almost President: The Men Who Lost the Race But Changed the Nation